Monday, March 16, 2009

After Lisa got home from having her blood tests at Deornbecher last Wed. she felt really good. She had a wonderful 3 days. The family was able to go out to eat several times and also took in a movie at Northern Lights on Sat. afternoon with her grandma and some friends. Gail said that she seemed like she was practically back to normal. But I guess Sun. was a different story. Lisa started throwing up again and developed sores in her throat. She now has so many sores that she can not swallow. She has started running a temperature so Gail put a call into the doctor to see if they want to take a look at Lisa. Pray that Lisa will start to feel better and that the sores will go away so that Lisa can eat and keep up her strength.

UPDATE: The doctor did want Lisa to go back up to Deornbecher, so just a little while ago they headed up to Portland. It is possible that they could keep her overnight if her temp. does not go down and she is still so sick.

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