Friday, April 27, 2012

This week has been full of ups and downs. Last Friday the Harder's found out that the insurance company would not pay for Lisa to have a chance to try an experimental chemo. This was devastating news as it was the only treatment that the doctors could come up with. The doctors told them that they would put their heads together and see what they could so. It ended up that on thur. they got a call from the doctors and were told that both doctors spent over an hour on the phone with the insur. company and talked them into covering the cost of the chemo. What a relief and answer to prayer! they are having a little issue with the chemo company. Lisa is waiting to see if they will accept her. She has been feeling weak and her legs have been giving out. She has actually fallen a couple times this week. The Chemo company is concerned about how weak she is and the swelling she has in her brain from the radiation. On monday they want Lisa to come up to the hospital and have a physical. They will determine by mid week what they will do. So pray for Lisa and the doctors and the chemo makers. We all know prayer changes things.

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