Friday, October 21, 2011

copied from facebook...

Doctors are waiting another night to see how Lisa continues to respond and get better. The swelling in the one leg is down significantly, and the swelling in the other has been progressing (but not at the same rate). They will re-access her in the morning to see what additional progress has been made, and maybe begin the chat about when she can come home!

The "dream team" (as they call them) will also make a decision about the chemo treatments Lisa has coming up whether to continue to one she has been on (and reacted to so severely this time) or to change it prior to her next set of scans later in November.

Lisa and her family are in good spirits and continuing to trust God to sustain them again, has He has so evidently all through this journey. We'll keep you posted... Thanks for continuing to pray that Lisa's condition improves and returns to normal...

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