Friday, January 30, 2009

Lisa started chemotherapy

We have just a little new info this morning... Last night at 10:30 Lisa started chemotherapy. The doctors told them that at 12:30 they were going to change up what they were giving her and that it was going to be really tough for her. Well, as of this morning Lisa has not been sick at all. She slept all night, unlike her mom and gandma. They are so thankful for this blessing. This dose of chemo is supposed to go for 48 hours, so we are praying that she will continue to tolerate it so well.

We also wanted to pass along information for those of you who want to visit Lisa at Doernbecher, There are no flowers or plants allowed, you can not have a cold or be sick at all. They will take your temp. and even if you have the slightest temp. you will not be allowed to enter the ward. I am sure there are a few more rules so you may just want to double check with the hospital or family before you go.



  1. Lisa,
    You are a strong young lady! You are in my thoughts and prayaers daily :)
    Kelly Dougherty

  2. Lisa, praying for you and your family. So glad you have the Lord in your life to rely upon during the tough times. Deborah Stombaugh, Connor's aunt

  3. Hang in there. You have the prayers, support, and love of your EPIC family in Salem.
    Kristie Felter

  4. Lisa,

    Let the doctors heal your body. Keep your mind strong by reading good books--or have them read to you. And keep your heart light knowing you have family and friends who love you and are praying for your swift recovery.

    Ms. Stromseth

  5. Dear Lisa,
    We are praying for you every day. God loves you, precious one.
    Carol Mintz
    (Cassie's Auntie in Bend, Oregon)

  6. Thanks, Lisa, for having a blog so more of us can know what's happening and how to pray more specifically.
    I'm Cassie's uncle Bud and you are in our prayers.

  7. I love u lisa were praying for u =D were gonna get through this =D keep on trusting in god!!!! proverbs 3:5-10.... u have tons of support including all of salem academy!!!! text me =D if theres anything i can do let me know!!!
    love Cassie =D

    ps.... EYE O THE TIGER!!!!

  8. we love you!!! we know you can make it through this! eye of the tiger :)

    Katy Berns :)