Friday, March 4, 2011


Lisa went up to the hospital today to get a blood transfusion. This is normal procedure for someone getting chemo, but they had to give her 4 units. That is the most that she has ever received. She was feeling pretty good going into the procedure, but while getting blood Lisa spiked a fever. Because her white blood count is 0, they take a fever very seriously. She is susceptible to picking up any illness, so the decided that she would need to stay at the hospital until her counts were higher. To top that off, she now has to stay in isolation because of the measles scare that is going around.
They were not prepared to stay overnight, so Gail had to come home and quickly pack and head back up to be with Lisa for at least 4 nights.

Lisa is feeling a little better now and is not looking forward to staying in isolation. No visitors, no fun. :(

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  1. Lisa, Gail, and family, so sorry to hear that you had to stay at the hospital, and truly pray that your health rebounds and that your blood will replenish. We love you and want you to know you are always in our hearts and prayers honey. Stay the strong young lady that you have been throughout this ordeal...

    Grandpa George, Aunt Sherrie and Family