Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lisa has done so well after her surgery. On Monday she had chemo at Deornbecher and has felt a little sick, but at least she gets to be at home after getting it and sleep in her own bed. Tomorrow she will go back to the hospital and get 2 different chemos. She will get to come back home again as long as she handles it well. The plan is to do a scan after these 2 sessions of chemo and see what is happening with Lisa's lungs.

Lisa will not be starting school at West this fall. She will probably have a tutor come to her house again to keep her caught up, but she just wont be ready for school. She misses all the friends she has made over the years, and is lonely sometimes so please pray for her emotional health as well as her physical.



  1. I will indeed add Lisa to my prayers. Yes, chemo and all its after affects can certainly make you lonely. I miss all the family I have at work; not co-workers, but truly family.

    Sadly, every round of chemo affects us not only physically, but mentally. I find that when I feel bad physically, I don't feel all that upbeat mentally. Then, as I hit my chemo week off, I start to feel better physically, and almost immediately come out of my doldrums. But we are all individuals with unique challenges.

    Please give Lisa my heartfelt cyber hug.

  2. Lisa, I am so happy for your progress and I pray for your continued success! Dr. Joel Fuhram suggests the GOMBS diet for people trying to prevent cancer and for people trying to overcome it. He says that, in his experience, many people have had dramatic recoveries from many afflictions because of their stark changes in lifestyle. The GOMBS diet is simply an acronym for Greens, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, and Seeds. I urge you to check my blog, as I have posted some more information about this groundbreaking diet. I have plans to make more posts about Dr. Fuhram and his findings in the futre, so stay tuned. I hope you try this lifestyle change and at least run it by your doctor for his opinion. I look forward to hearing from you Lisa. Ciao.

  3. Dear Lisa, I don't know you, (I came across your blog when I was at my cousin's blog and then clicked the next blog button a couple of times), but I am praying for you. I pray for good health & healing, and that every day you would be able to find something that delights you and puts a smile on your face. May you and your family feel God's comfort, peace, and love. Bless you!