Friday, September 30, 2011


On Monday Lisa had chemo again. They have started going 2 weeks between chemo because she just was not ready to go every week. Then they give her a double does of chemo every other Mon. This has worked alot better for Lisa and she has a chance to feel good for awhile between sessions.
Lisa has been going to school, just like she hoped. She says she has alot of homework, but is so thankful to be able to be there so she doesn't mind the work at all!

Lisa has 2 very special friends who are fighting a recurrence of chemo. David had surgery this week to remove a tumor by his brain and her friend Mary Kate has had a suspicious spot reappear that they are looking at. These friends has a special bond with Lisa and it hurts her to see them go through this again. Lisa has cried and prayed for and with these friends and would like your prayers for them too.

In a few weeks the doctors will do another CT scan to check out Lisa's lungs. Pray that they will not see any new growth of tumors. This will be the routine that they do for awhile...chemo and scans.

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