Monday, September 3, 2012

There really has not been any big changes for Lisa over the last couple weeks. Hospice continues to come in and help control her pain. She struggles with the pain in her head shifting from hurting on the top of her head and then going to the sides of her head. The Dr. says this is because her brain shifts due to the swelling and she has a ton of pressure on her brain. This pressure also causes seizures and vomiting. It seems to be the cycle that Lisa will have a couple good days and then go right back into having some seizures and sickness. It has been a very long journey. They try to get her out of bed and outside on the good days, but even that is a struggle.
Thanks for all your prayers it means so much to them.


  1. Thank you for keeping the blog up to date, helps to know what is going on. Praying for the Harders everyday.

    Mariesa Stombaugh

  2. Lisa you are amazing...praying for you and family daily.

    A Mom from NC