Sunday, July 26, 2009

Message from Gail

The last couple of days has taken a toll on Lisa from high fever to having tubes fall out & put back in to struggling to breath . But things are starting to look better for her. Yesterday Lisa starting running a high fever ( but broke finally ) the Doc's ran a bunch of tests and as of yet the ones that are coming back are looking normal but will find out tonight around 7 pm the (big one ) if she has an infection in her port. We are praying alot ! All of Lisa's veins in her arms and hands have collasped ( thanks to chemo ) and she has no more to give, even the ones in her legs and feet are shot the port is all that is left.

Tomorrow ( monday ) will be a HUGE day, the Doc's will run a test on her lung. If it does not collaspe then they will take out all 3 tubes . Remember she is 14 and is scared of this test along will Grandma and I and Gordon so please pray that we will be

ready and nothing will go wrong.


  1. Lisa and Family,

    I will say many prayers for you throughout today as I do many other days.

    Keep strong in your faith, HE is with you always, HE is with you for the ups and downs and will help to pull you through this one.

    Rely on Him for your support and know that there are many people praying for you all.

  2. Harder Family...My Prayer for you..
    Tunkasila, Wakan Tanka, Tate Topa, Unci Maka, wopila, pilamayaye Tunkasila Please bring wichozani for the Harder Family. Wicoshkalake checia we are ichea, have pity on us as we call on you to hear the prayers in our hearts.
    Mitakuye Oyasin
    Toksa Ake