Monday, July 13, 2009

surgery news

I think it feels like 1 step forward and 2 steps back right now. The Harders headed back to Doernbecher this morning to check Lisa in for the next session of chemo. But the frustrating news was that her body was not ready. Lisa's blood platelets were too low, this causes her to be very weak and get the bloody noses. She just had not healed enough from the last round to start this round. The doctor then suggested that they go ahead and do the surgery on Lisa's lungs this Thur. That is the night of the Volcano's baseball game where they are doing all kinds of neat things for Randy and Lisa, and neither Gail or Lisa wanted to miss that, the doctor agreed and they scheduled Lisa's surgery for the 23rd.

This will give Lisa a chunk of time to be off chemo and build some strength for her surgery, but it also prolongs the whole process. The light at the end of the tunnel, as far a chemo goes, just keeps getting farther away.

They will be operating on only one of Lisa's lungs on the 23rd. They will go in from her side and take out all the cancer spots in that lung. The spots will then be tested. They are so praying that they are all dead. The results of that test will determine their next step.

Pray for strength, both physically and mentally, for all the Harders. This is overwhelming and lack of sleep is often an issue. Gail is up at the hospital every night Lisa is there and she sleeps in a window seat. Gail's mom, sister or Gordan are up there with her also. The recliner beside the bed is where the other person sleeps, so as you can imagine the days they get to be home are treasured for sleeping their own bed too.

They would love to see you all at the Volcanos game. There is also a car wash at West Coast Bank in West Salem this Sat. Come support Randy and Lisa.


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