Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little change of plans...

They have decided to start chemo on Lisa today after all. Her platelets are still low but they feel it is more important to stay on track with the chemo. They will lower her dose a little to help her body handle it.
There has been much discussion over the last few days on what "plan" they have for Lisa's treatment. Several things are up in the air depending on what her next scan looks like after this chemo, but they are throwing around possible surgery. They just found out that there is a tumor dangerously near the aorta. There is a possibility that they might try to remove that tumor. Gail says that this would be a very dangerous surgery and the recovery would be so much harder that when she had her lung surgery. They are also looking at the possibility of removing a lung or part of one. This would only be possible if they are 100% sure that the other lung has no tumors in it. Chemo is not going as smoothly as before because Lisa's body is not recovering from sessions like it used to do and if she has not replenished all of her levels they can keep on track with chemo. So as you can see they are at a cross roads and have decisions to make and none of them are good. Lisa was very discouraged about what she was hearing from the doctors.

Please pray for her spirits...It is hard to stay positive, but she is determined to do so!
Pray that the doctors will have wisdom when deciding what treatment Lisa should receive.
Just Pray.... Thanks


  1. My thoughts and prays go out to you. My grandad had lung cancer when I was a young teenager and he was like my father. I understand how hard it is to watch your most loved ones go through pain and suffering. All my best wishes.

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