Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yesterday Lisa and Gail went back to Doernbecher for testing of Lisa's levels. She is very tired and worn out and they ended up giving her a few units of blood. Hopefully that will help "perk" her up and get her healthy enough to go home. She will get her next dose of chemo on the 14th followed by all her testing and scans on the 29th to see how the tumors are reacting to chemo.

Lisa continues with her school work with a tutor that comes to the house and will be able to finish her Sophomore year! There are several fund raiser coming up soon that I have mentioned in previous blogs. On Sunday Logan Martin gave a great concert to benefit Lisa, I was not able to make it, but I hear it was a great concert and alot of fun! Thanks Logan for doing that.
Thank you so much to all who continue to pray and support Lisa and the Harders. They can feel your love and prayers.

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