Monday, November 28, 2011


Lisa had her scan today and it was clear! Lisa and her family are so relieved and happy. Had they found anything they would have had to go to Huston Texas to get any further treatment, but this was the best news they could get!
Lisa will not be doing anymore chemo, at least for awhile, and she will have a nice Christmas break! After 3 months she will go in for another scan to make sure that everything is still good.

I think that is about the best Christmas present the family could get right now!

Oh and by the way Gail is doing well too. She has quite a few stitches across her cheek to her ear and then down the side of her face by her ear, (sort of like a mini face lift!) Anyway, she said she is doing well, I have not heard of any results yet though.

Thanks for you prayers.

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