Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This isn't going to be an update on Lisa, although she is doing pretty good and even got to go on a church retreat with her small group...This is about Gail.

Gail went to the dermatologist last week to have some moles checked out. Her moles were fine but the found a spot on her cheek just under her eye that they were concerned about and so the did a biopsy right then. The results came back that it was melanoma and she will be having surgery to remove it tomorrow. I guess there are 4 stages of melanoma and Gail's is at stage 2.5. She said that stage 3 would require chemo. They will be removing piece the size of a nickle or maybe up to a quarter to get a good margin. Because it is so close to her eye they will need to take extra care when they pull the skin together so that her eye does not droop. Of course she is nervous but with all Lisa has gone through she feels like she can't say much. Pls keep them all in your prayers.... Lisa's scan is coming up at the end of the month and they are really praying for it to be clear. If something shows up they will have to do some serious talking about the options they have left to treat Lisa.

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