Tuesday, July 31, 2012

After being gone for a week I got to visit with Lisa a little bit yesterday. She was eating a sandwich and watching Little House on the Prairie. She is still in staying in the living room so that she can be around people and whatever is going on. She is not able to get out of bed anymore as she is very week and moving too much makes her pain worse. Up till now they have been trying to control her pain with patches and oral meds, but a few days ago they put her on a pain pump that distributes meds right into her system every 10 minutes. Lisa also had the ability to hit a button and get extra meds if needed. That seems to have made quite a bit of difference and has allowed Lisa to sleep more peacefully and also be more aware of things while she is awake. She did have a very long seizure the other day and it was very traumatic for Lisa and the family, but hopefully that will not happen again.

Lisa's Friend Randy, who was diagnosed with this same cancer 1 week before Lisa, passed away a couple days ago. Lisa and Randy went through much of this journey together. Randy's cancer had also gone to his brain, but ultimately it was the tumor by his heart that shut down his body.
Just a little while before Randy passed he said to tell Lisa that "It's going to be ok". Randy had given his life to Christ during his fight with cancer, and that knowledge allowed Lisa to have comfort with his passing. But he will be missed so much by all who knew and loved him, and our prayers go out to his family.

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  1. I am sorry to hear that and hurts me, remember me a lot fridas last days keep Lisa and her family in my prayers rip to randy :(