Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good days and bad days...God is still with us.

The bad days make us appreciate the good. Lisa had a couple of good days. She was able to eat a few small bites of different food and was able to talk some and smile. It was so nice to see her being able to cope even through her head still hurts. But this afternoon it hit Lisa hard again. She again is not able to keep anything down and now she is starting to see double vision along with a horrible headache. It's hard to understand why she varies so much from day to day, and it is discouraging when you see her dip so low after being able to interact with friends and family. But Gail said that when she starts to feel discouraged about it she turns it around and thanks God that she had a few more good days with Lisa. Everyday is a blessing. Thanks for your prayers....

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  1. Continued prayers for comfort for Lisa and God's support for the entire family as they walk through this difficult time. Your entire family is a real blessing to hear about, your courage and strength and reliance on God through this whole process has not waivered and has inspired myself to remain positive and rely on God as our family is begining a walk through a difficult time with one of our own as well.