Sunday, October 14, 2012

"I just don't understand" what one of Lisa's Dr's said the other day about how Lisa just keeps hanging on. By most medical standards Lisa's day would have ran out by now...but for what ever reason God has chosen to give Lisa the gift of life a little longer than most in her situation.

She is very quiet most of the time, not being able to move much at all now. Sometimes she sees things... we all the the pleasure of riding in her new red mini cooper while she took us to McDonald's for iced tea! Connor found a picture of one and put it on her phone so that we could all see her "new cute car".

Other times she can talk with you a little, but her voice is quiet and she will drift in and out of sleep. She isn't eating much anymore and drinking very little. She still know everyone and has the same sweet nature that she has had all along.

We know it can't be too long now, the waiting is hard. It is hard for Gail and Gordon to leave to work, because they don't want to miss "Lisa's time".

On a lighter note:
Lisa received a very special gift the other day... Mariesa Stombaugh was able to see Tobey Mac, Lisa's favorite singer,  and get him to signed the picture of Lisa getting crowned Homecoming Queen. It came in the mail and just touch the Harder's hearts! Lisa has met him a couple of times and he totally remembered her and was so proud that she was chosen as Queen!

Thank you for all your prayers....


  1. Thank you for the update...Sweet Lisa,we send our love and you are always in our thoughts and prayers...Love,Linda Ayres

  2. Lisa, can't wait to play volleyball in heaven with you will have a new shoulder, and I will have new knees...we'll both be able to spike again, and we'll have no pain...and God's glory will illuminate our court!

    Lisa, thank you for being a shining light...much love to you! Love, Loni Espinoza ("Mrs. Berry")

  3. I cannot even imagine how tough this is for the Harder family. I have only knows them since near the beginning of Lisa's cancer, but what an amazing family. Continue to rely on God for your strength and healing. Lisa, your day will come with His timing, what a joy to hear you are ready. You all remain in my prayers and thoughts daily, I am thankful you trust Him and rely on him as He is the only one that can truly help you through all of this.

    I am thankful for the updates as well, as to not want to bother the family as they spend these final days together

  4. I am one of the people who has never met Lisa but has been touched by her light and the strong love of her family and friends who are supporting her.....from all of us who have never met you, I know I can say that we send our love and prayers and we hold you in our hearts. xoxo

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