Sunday, October 21, 2012

I just wanted to give you another update, even though not alot has changed. Lisa is very slowly slipping away. She is eating less and less and is getting very thin. As her body starts to shut down she is getting more and more comfortable and at peace. She is taking less medications and didn't even want the ice packs on her head that she has needed for many months.

She still will respond when asked questions and will talk for a little while here and there, but mostly she sleeps. She does go into "her own little world" sometimes, and yesterday she was concerned about getting to school on time and was very excited that she was going to get to see some of her favorite teachers again".
 Lisa has kept such a sweet positive attitude through out this whole journey, she has gone through more than anyone I personally know. Someday soon she will meet Jesus and wear more that just a Homecoming crown!


  1. Thank you so much,thinking of Lisa and praying for Lisa and her fam..Love,Linda A

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