Friday, March 9, 2012

coming home

Well I have some more info on Lisa. She had an MRI and they determined that she actually had 1 new tumor and a cyst. It was very hard to hear that the tumors were back and they talked very openly with them about what this meant. In Lisa style ,though, she said she wants to keep fighting and the doctors needed to check with the other doctors to see what could be done.

They have come up with a plan for her. They will do 5 rounds of radiation (they have not done that before) and then follow that up with some experimental chemo on an out patient basis. While she has been up at the hospital she has done pretty well. She is feeling a little weak but has been sleeping well.
Today they will go to the radiation ward and get all set up to start radiation on Wed. So because Lisa has passed all the medical tests that they have given her so they released her to go home. She is on a bunch of medications but glad to be able to get back home.
They want to thank all of you for your prayers and concerns. They are entering a new phase and new treatments, but very glad there are still options.


  1. hello to lovely Lisa and her wonderful family from Raina (art teacher from the school). I think of you and wish you the best. I am back from India and in Portland again

  2. Lisa. Hi, my name is Phil Espinoza. I have ready your story...and just wanted to tell you what happened to me. In Aug 2008, I was riding my ATV Cycle and had a very bad crash which put me in an immediate 3-month coma. I remember at the time I was having my accident, I could see a brick lying on the street,,,My head was heading straight for the brick very quickly....The last thing I did seconds before my head hitting this brick, was to pray to God. From that second on...God was with me during my near-end experience. I felt him close to me always during my coma....I felt total pain (as we feel here on this earth living in the Flesh.) I had no fear. Fear, pain, sorrow, are all emotional pains we feel as Human Beings living on this earth. In reality, life is great, life is is...But it is also painful sometimes. Where I was when I almost died in 2008, there was no pain..there was no fear....I was at peace and happy, and with God. We all lovce you Lisa. And most of us know what pain is, in our own minds....And I know in my heart, God loves you. You are an Angel, I truly feel...You will always be a part of many of us.

  3. And I read you love horses Lisa...Well, I'm a big woose! I remember growing up I would ride a horse and cry like a baby! You are tough Lisa! And I'm supposed to be a "Tough Soldier with 9 years of Service!" And I'm scared of Horses!!! "What a Woose!!!" I'll pray for you Lisa, and for your Family too! Love to you Lisa, from me and many readers! "And God!"