Friday, March 16, 2012


Lisa is having her first round of radiation today. They took care of all the prep for this last week and she will just stay a few hours up there today if all goes well. The doctors said that they are in uncharted waters doing this radiation. They have never seen this type of cancer go to the brain. Normally radiation does not work on ostio sarcoma( not sure of the spelling) but then again Lisa's case is not the normal scenario, so they are willing to try this to see how it reacts. They have told them there is the possibility that Lisa's brain could swell after the radiation. If that happens she will likely have to go into emergency surgery to put a stint in to releave some of the pressure. If all goes well she will have radiation on Mon, Wed, and Fri of next week also.

If after these rounds of radiation they feel like the tumor has been killed they will try an experimental type of radiation.

I know it seems like Lisa has just gone through too much, but she is such a fighter....she just keeps telling the doctors that she wants to live and that they need to fight this aggressively.

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