Monday, March 12, 2012

Well Lisa is on her way back to Deornbacher. She headaches had been persisting at home and so they wanted her to come back up to do another MRI at 3:45. They did just have one the other day so I am not sure why they need another one, but I am sure they have their reasons. They also were going to touch base with the brain surgeon while they are up there.

Gail just said in her newest text that they have the brain surgeon on standby for possible surgery on Lisa depending what they find in the MRI. If they do surgery that would change all the plans they have set up for radiation on Wed.

I know it seems like alot of back and forth, but I guess that is kind of how it is when you are dealing with cancer. Gail said she would let us know when they hear anything.


  1. "MA BELL"March 13, 2012 at 6:44 AM

    I have never posted a comment before, but have beeen following "Lisa's Legend" since the beginning. I know there are hundreds of others like me who are mentally urging her on, praying for her, and thinking only positive thoughts.

    Lisa, if you read this, I want you to know that even though I'm old enough to be your great-grandmother...YOU are my hero. God Bless!

  2. Our love and prayers are going to you Lisa and all your family for strength, always hope and Lisa your spirit is such an inspiration to so many folks who are keeping you all in our prayers. Angel among us. Love you girl, keep up the fight.