Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lisa has been sick today and not really been able to eat. They are hoping that by dinner she will be able to eat a little something and keep it down. She is scheduled for chemo on Wed. but that is up in the air, as they do not not have the results of some test they ran and her blood counts are low. She is feeling very weak, they have painting that the kids can do and Lisa tried to paint a picture today but could only do it for about 10 min. and had to put it down because she just didn't have the energy and strength to be up.
This infection that she has gotten has really zapped her. She is on 2 different antibiotics but is still getting fevers. The fevers come and go. Right now she does not have one, but she has spiked a fever twice today. This is hard and frustrating, the end of chemo is in sight and they just want to move on. Pray for healing and strength.


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