Friday, August 7, 2009

The pathology results have come in on the spots they removed from Lisa's lungs. 4 of the 6 spots they removed were cancer. Those 4 spots were 95 percent dead. This was such a relief to the family and they were so glad that the chemo had worked so well.

There will be a garage sale Sat. as a fund raiser for Lisa. It will be at 2510 Brush College Rd NW. Next door to their house. Stop by to say hi, who knows you might even find a treasure!


  1. We found a treasure for sure at the garage sale. The boys LOVE the marble run that Lisa and her brothers used to play with. It was good to see Lisa today. We will continue to pray for you. Dave, Beth, Jonah, Jacob, and Jonathan Tinseth

  2. Praise the Lord for such a good report on those little black spots. We continue to uphold you in prayer everyday! Uncle Jim & Aunt Chris

  3. Hang in there Lisa! I lift you up in prayer everyday and know that your faith and hope will help you get through all this. You are an amazing young woman.

    Mrs. Nicholas