Monday, August 10, 2009

Urgent Prayer Needed

I just received a message from Gail that said that Lisa is not doing well. She has gravely low blood pressure and need 2 units of blood but can not receive it until her pressure comes up. If her pressure does not come up as they are hoping she will have to be admitted into the ICU. Her temperature is going back down but she is still a sick little girl. It is amazing how quickly things can change. She had such a good day on Sat. while sitting at the garage sale and we saw lots of smiles. Pray that she will be back to that soon.



  1. Our hearts and prayers are with you dear lisa. We love you and pray for your restoral of good health.

    George Wright & Family

  2. Dear Jesus: We lift up to you our Lisa and her family asking that your hand of healing will surround them and that their hearts would be at rest knowing that You above all, are in control of everything that is happening right now. We trust you to do your good work and Thank you in advance for your Divine presence in their lives. In Jesus precious name we ask for a return of her strength and quick recovery. You are there Dear Father...along side of them...and we thank you! Auntie Chris

  3. Lisa Lou Lou hang in there. We love you and are so proud of you and how tough you are. We trust that God will take care of you! Our prayers are with you through this Lisa, WE LOVE YOU!!

    -Kyle & Jamie Bennett