Sunday, September 27, 2009

Greetings , Lisa is doing great. She was able to walk and sit in a chair for 20 minutes and FINALLY had some GOOD sleep ! sleeping is something that does not happen up her at Doernbecher but Lisa was able to sleep 4hrs with no interuptions . Praise the Lord for this ! Lisa is healing better than expected the Doc's said yesterday that she is one tough cookie !But cautioned her that she needs to take her pain meds and that she does not have to be in any pain if she would just take them and she came back with "no pain nogain"

The Doc's said this morning that they will be taking out her chest tube on Monday morning . ouch !

Thank you for all of your encouraging notes Lisa just enjoys reading the blogs and is so touched by everyones prayers of support . Lisa told the nurses that we have alot of people praying for me and with God's help I am getting better .

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  1. Lisa,
    We are so happy that your surgery went well. Keep up the positive attitude. I know Bre will be glad when you are back in school and sitting by her at lunch. Take care and our thoughts and prayers are still with you. Julie, Amanda and Bre Starr