Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things don't always go as planned

Lisa's surgery ended up being canceled today. Not because of problems with Lisa's health, but the health of a little boy that was in surgery ahead of them. There were some complications in that surgery and they needed extra time. I think everybody understands because they want the same attention paid to their child while they are in surgery. But, none the less, it was still hard to get all ready and then be sent home around 3:30. They do not know exactly what the plan is yet, they will talk with the Dr. tomorrow to see when they can resched. the surgery.
Having the surgery canceled may have been God's plan because Lisa's blood counts were low and it was a risk to do the surgery today. Lisa says she knows she is in God's hands and they believe that now too. It was a little hard, though, to be set back on the sched. because that just prolongs everything. So they are headed home for now.


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