Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lisa is hanging in there with faith and determination. This morning they had a little set back. When they removed the tubes that they had inserted in her lung after surgery some air got into her lung. We think" lungs are supposed to have air in them", but not like this. By the afternoon things had improved and now Lisa is preparing to start Chemo tomorrow. They hope to come home on Monday for a few days before heading back up next Wed. for the final dose of Chemo. That is so exciting.

Lets all cheer Lisa on as she enters the last legs of her treatment. Lets pray that these surgeries and the chemo has rid her body of all cancer. And let support Lisa as she strengthens and ventures on to high school. Go Lisa!



  1. So so proud of you! Hang in there! Lots of support and prayers surround you. :)

  2. What a long road you have traveled. This journey will soon be over and you can start a new and better one. You are one of the strongest young ladies I know.