Tuesday, January 25, 2011

hanging in there

Last night Lisa's temp reached 102 degrees. This is so scary because her white blood cell count is so low and can not fight off whatever is attacking Lisa right now. Since then her temp has come down some and Gail and Lisa were both able to get a little sleep. Lisa is also fighting a rash that has formed under her arm. The spots have all formed heads now so the doctors were able to take samples from them to see if they can determine what caused them. The Doctors are saying the the chemo is doing its job and even though Lisa has gotten sick and had some complications from it that is what they really need to see in order for them to know the chemo is working. Its a catch 22! They are seeing a rise in her white blood cells so that is encouraging.

Lisa misses school, friends, and yes, even school work. I think maybe the meds are playing with her mind if she is thinking she misses school work! But non the less, she has searched out a few friends on the floor and together they have gone down to the classroom to "hit the books". But I don't think it will be all work...because this evening Lisa is trying to get together a good old card game with some of the other patients. I think maybe we have a little social director in the making!

They are not sure when they will come back home, but they are hoping for tomorrow.

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