Sunday, January 16, 2011

Prayers and Love

Thanks for all the prayers and love. After a very restless sleepless night on Friday Lisa slept fairly well on Sat. She has stopped eating now and doesn't even want to move. I am sure she feels like if she were to do either of those things she would get sick, because she is just on the verge.

I know yesterday they didn't want any visitors, so probably from now on again we should check in before we pop in. Gail's sleep is interrupted at night too, so she probably tries to catch up when it is quiet in the room. They have a window seat bed that she sleeps on that is pretty comfy, but if a second person wants to stay the night ....they sleep in a vinyl recliner, not so comfy.

Lisa I know LOTS of people are praying for you and sending LOVE.



  1. We're thinking of you Lisa. Thanks for the updates!!!!

  2. Love you and pray for a restful night for you!!!!