Monday, January 17, 2011


Lisa was able to come home today. She finished this session of chemo last night and the Doctors released her to come home for 3 weeks until she starts the next session. She managed to make it through this round with out "getting sick" although she sure felt sick. Everyone was very happy about that. The Doctors also said to expect nose bleeds and they thought Lisa avoided that too, but on the way home she had a heavy nose bleed. This means that her white blood count is falling. Pray for that not to drop too low.
It is very good to be home. All the tubes, bells and whistles are gone for awhile. Hopefully all will sleep better too. Lisa looks good. She is eating and talking, just a little quieter than usual.
So lets hope and pray she gets stronger during these 3 weeks before she starts round 2.



  1. Lisa honey, am delighted to see your blog being utilized again! So happy you made it through the first round of chemo without too much of the bad side affects. Glad your home & bet you are too! Is always so much nicer to be home, makes a person feel so much more comforted. You are in our prayers and thoughts. Take good care, and keep your brave little chin up. We all love you.

    Grandpa George, Aunt Sherrie & Family

  2. So glad you are home.....take care o yourself and let others take care of you!!! LIVE~LAUGH~LOVE!! and as always thinking and praying for you Lisa!