Saturday, January 15, 2011


You know things are going pretty good when KFC still sounds good for dinner!
That is what Lisa asked for for dinner last night. Just before she started her 3rd night of chemo Lisa and Connor scarfed down some chicken and mashed potatoes!

About 5:30 the nurse came to hook Lisa up to several bags of clear liquid that just looked like water, but in reality it is the poison that we all pray kills the cancer in her lungs. So far Lisa has handled the chemo very well. She came into this strong, and that helps. They know that this super strong chemo will eventually make her very sick but the longer she can fight that off the better.
As the chemo dripped into Lisa she got quieter but we could still see that sweet smile come across her face as we talked. I hope the night went well and we will see you at home on Monday.


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