Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lisa Graduates! (middle school, that is)

Greetings ,Lisa is doing so good since coming home late Friday night . She is still a little weak from the chemo but she has her beautiful smile on her face. Lisa is so happy that her Grandma Verdie is home . Lisa smiles and says Grandma and I have beautiful bald heads .We are heading up to Portland on Wednesday for blood counts and to check in with Randy who is getting chemo treatment .Lisa is graduating from the 8th grade this Thursday everyone is welcome to come for this wonderful celebration @ 6 pm West Salem please call us at home if would like for us to save you a seat.Thank you all for all of the encouraging cards and emails and prayers .Lisa , Gordon and Gail


  1. Give Grandma Verdie my love and keep up the good work Lisa!

    Aileen Scharer (Tanner's Grandma and former co-worker of Verdie's)

  2. Congrats Lisa!!! So wish I could have been there, but it's kinda far commute from Atlanta. WTG!! Thankful you are HOME!! Praying every day for you... =) Michelle