Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lisa has a new sister!

No Gail did not have another baby, but her baby Kyle got married on Sunday! Congrats Kyle and Audre. It was a nice wedding and Lisa looked so pretty as a bridesmaid! We are so glad that it all worked out. The doctors let her postpone her chemo treatment for a week so she could be in the wedding. After the ceremony they had some food and then the dancing started.Kyle and Gail did a mother/son dance with sun glasses on, I suspect to hide the "mother tears". Kyle did alot of funky dancing but I thought the sweetest was when Kyle asked Lisa for a slow dance!

The next day Lisa left for Doernbecher to start chemo. She really enjoyed the time off but it is really important to stay on track so that the chemo can do its job. They have decided to postpone the scan on hr lungs until the end of July. If they need to do anything about her lungs they won't do it until after chemo is over the first week of Sept. anyway. They will probably be up at the hospital for a few more days now, and when they do get to come home it will be such a short time because they have these treatments very close together.

Glad you got to enjoy the wedding day, Lisa.


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