Sunday, June 21, 2009

message from Lisa, Today!

Hi , I am feeling pretty great . Last night we were at the Relay for Cancer Survivors my cousin's Jamie Bennett and Jessie Donath walked for the cause they were on the Capital Manor team , I want to thank you so much it meant alot to me . Also I want to thankChris and his wife Sabrnia and Josh my hero for walking for the cause as well . Today I went to my future sister in law's bridal shower it was alot of fun . I can not wait to have Audre as my sister she is so beautiful . Thank you everyone for all of the prayers and support it means alot when I am in the hosptial and at home and I read the messages . Happy Father's Day Daddy I love you Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa..Congrats on graduating from the 8th grade!
    You are on my mind so much and I just keep asking God to keep you and your family strong in spirit. You are an amazing young woman!!!! And continue to be such an inspiration to me:) I saw your Uncle Mike and Aunt Liz the other night @ church so they filled me in on you being @ the shower so I was happy to hear you were able to attend. I will pray that you will be well enough for the wedding.
    After reading about the balloon episode I have declared you to be one tough girl.I've seen so many of the procedures done that you write about and to do them without pain meds is incredible!
    Enjoy all the fun times with your family and friends as you prepare for your brothers wedding.
    I will keep asking our Heavenly Father for healing for you and for God to grant your family some much needed rest!
    Hugs...and I am so very proud of r awesome!
    Linda (Dunn) Thomas

  2. Each day you put new perspective to what a hard day used to are pretty amazing have a fun week preparing for the Kyles wedding.Praying for a smooth week for you.
    Love Ya,