Thursday, June 18, 2009

message from Gail- yesterday

Hello everyone , The last three days has been so hard on Lisa's body but we are happy to be home again we left late last night and was home around 10 but was back up there this morning for more tests . Lisa's body has gotten 3 units of blood and 3 units of platelets and some powerful drugs for her infection . All of the tests came back negative for infection which we were so thankful for , and the removal of the balloon Tuesday afternoon . Today they are trying to figure out why Lisa's platelets are dropping again but are hopeful that with todays platelets and the new blood it will start rising we have another appt Friday for more blood work . The HUGE balloon We had 4 Doctors in the room for the proceedure 3 of the Doctors said WOW unblievable and the 4th one ( she is the one that removed the balloon ) said that Lisa should of never had that up her nose it was tooooooo big . That balloon was 4 inches long . The Doctors could not understand why she had no drugs when that balloon went up her nose , But all said Lisa you are such a strong and brave girl. Today while we were up at Doernbechers we stopped by and saw Randy who is doing pretty good but told us that Ian passed away last night . When we left the hospital I asked Lisa how she was feeling she looked at me and said she was sad for Ian's parents but know Ian is in no more pain and will be seeing him again in heaven . HOPE is what we have !


  1. Lisa you are such a testimony of faith for many.I am so thankful for you and your family what a Neat Loving Family!!!You get to feeling bettr so Cassie and I can go to the lake with you again soon.

  2. Thank you for the updates, what an amazing girl you are Lisa. Our Father in Heaven must be beaming with pride as he watches over you and your witness to those around you. Keep fighting the fight, you have His power and strength to get you through the tough days, lean on Him