Monday, June 15, 2009

Thrusday June 11th Our day started with my Dad ( Lisa's Grandpa ) 81st birthday . We found out that Dusty and Darci are going to have a BOY . Lisa cried she was so happy for them . Lisa's graduation .... Lisa is now a 8 th grade graduate ! It was a amazing night and a tearful one . Lisa looked beautiful !!! I will put some pictures of this event on this blog soon . Lisa wore this pretty dress and decided to go " as her self " no wig . When they announced Lisa's name they gave Lisa a standing 4 minute ovation . Lisa was so grateful that she cried and said later that she could not believe that her class mates & everyone in the gym did that for her and in that moment she felt so grateful and so much love by everyone in the gym. TODAY Saturday Lisa started the day with a nose bleed which happens quite often . But then 2 hrs later the BIG ONE came . I called Doernbecker after 15 minutes and they had me ice her nose and pinch her nose in a different spot for 20 minutes and call back. 5 minutes into it blood started gushing out of her mouth so I called the Dr and he said get down to Salem Hospital . Everyone that would come in Lisa's room she would ask them if they knew Randy and then she would tell them about him. It was so important to her to find out if anyone at this hospital has ever heard of him or knew him . The Dr tried cotterizing which did not work and packed it which was extremely painful for Lisa. The Dr said this is a very painful proceedure and was very proud of Lisa for letting him do it with no drugs she is amazing . after all of that ..the IV nurse came in and tried to access her port after 2 tries I asked the nurse stop and get another IV nurse so they brought another nurse in I asked her if she has worked with ports she said " all the time " well 3rd try failed by now blood is in her port and Lisa is VERY BRUISED but they have to flush her or the port would be ruined . The IV nurse looked at me and tears running down my face and Gordon standing helpless and Lisa is crying the nurse said please let me try again I looked at Lisa and she said God please help me and the nurse got it in . Lisa said Thank you God .They were able to flush the port and take 3 viles of blood and start giving her pain meds and IV quickly . within an hour the tests came back that her platelets her low so she got one unit of platelets . They also did a culture of her red sores on her leg they do not seem to be getting better since she started augmentin last Wednesday the Dr wanted to make sure that she does not have another infection ( staff ) so we will find out the results in a couple of days . Lisa is still very weak and tired but we are so thankful we are home .

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