Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Battle Scars

Lisa let me takepictures of some of the scars from her surgery, what a good sport!


  1. Lisa --- you look great!! Those are healing soooo good!!! Woo hoo!!! Know it's a big week. Praying for you my friend!! Hugs!

  2. Your friend said it well...your leg and arm are healing so well...and I noticed you still have your beautiful smile on! Way to go Lisa! God has great things in store for you...we continue to bathe you in prayer each and every day. We are also praying for you during these next chemo treatments... Love you! Auntie Chris

  3. Lisa,
    You do look good. And it is so wonderful after all you have been through, to see that beautiful smile of yours. The scars are healing well and I know will continue to. Our thoughts and prayers will Still be with you. Sincerely, Julie, Breanna & Amanda Starr

  4. Lisa,
    You look wonderful and you are beaming with happiness in your pictures!
    It looks like your scars are healing well and
    when I get to Oregon next we can compare our right arm scars.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday.