Friday, May 15, 2009

Lisa took her weekly trip up to Portland on wed. to have her blood checked. They determined that her platelets were low so Gail will need to watch her closely for mouth sores and burses. If they continue to be low they may have to do a blood transfusion before they can start the next session of chemo. But over all she is doing well and is heading to the beach with her family for the weekend.
Lisa did have some surprise visitors they other day. Gordan and Lisa were sitting outside when who should come trotting down the road…..the 4 horses from down the road that Lisa spent so much time with before she got sick. Somehow they got loose from their corral and decided to eat the grass that was greener on the other side and to have a little with Lisa. We think they missed her as much as she missed them. So they visited a little and then the naughty horses had to go home!

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  1. Lisa...those horses were just trying to tell you how much they miss you and all the attention you give to them. They want you back taking care of them I'm sure! Hey, we missed seeing you on Mother's day...however, we know the chemo drill and routine... when blood counts are down...we don't see anyone either or venture out! It was good to see your daddy with his truck! Did he tell you he took Emily and Sarah for a ride to DQ on the mountain? We joined him there for a treat! Yum!

    Grandma had her last chemo infusion last Wed. The last few days have been her weak, down days...but, hopefully this next week she'll feel better. She is anxious to get back home to Salem. We should be arriving the last weekend in May/or 1st week of June. She'll be anxious to see you as well! We keep praying for you each and every day. God is Good and we are so thankful for how he is watching and caring for you! Love you! Hugs! Keep looking upward!
    Auntie Chris and Grandma Harder