Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a beautiful weekend it was! Lisa came home from Portland on Sunday; she had passed all the tests and was released to go home. It was pretty hard to go back up there and start all of this again. I am sure it is all getting really old and she knows what is coming so she dreads it even more. They also found out that instead of 2 weeks between each grouping of chemo she will only have 1 week. That was hard to hear too. The Doctors want to make the most of this chemo after the surgery to make sure that the cancer gets a hard hit.
One bit of good news was that the doctors told Lisa that she can delay chemo by 1 week at the end of June so that she can be a bridesmaid in Kyle’s wedding. She was really excited about that!
Tomorrow Lisa will go back to Doernbecher to start chemo again. Keep her in your prayers that she will not get too sick and that also her spirits will stay up!

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