Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today chemo starts up again for Lisa. The break from chemo went way too fast, but I guess the sooner they start up again the sooner it will all be over. They will head up to Doenbecher today and probably start chemo late afternoon. It is a 4 hour session but this is the type of chemo that she will have to stay at the hospital until the level of chemo in her system reaches a certain level. They expect she will come home on Sunday, if she follows the same pattern that she did before her surgery. She will follow that schedule 3 weeks in a row.
There are a few things coming up:
At the end of June they will do a scan on Lisa’s lungs. If they see anything in her lungs they will have to do surgery remove it. That would be a pretty big surgery, so they are praying that her lungs will be clean.
On June 28th Lisa’s brother Kyle is getting married. Lisa has been asked to be a bridesmaid and she is very excited about being in the wedding. Unfortunately, the date of the wedding falls smack dab in the middle of a session of chemo. If she is in the middle of chemo she will probably be to sick. They are going to run it by the doctors to see if that session of chemo could be put off 1 week, but ultimately they will do what is best for Lisa and making her well.

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