Monday, May 11, 2009


Happy Mothers Day! It was a nice day. I had the chance to see Lisa on Saturday and she looked really good. All the heavy bandages were off of her shoulder and I could see her newly reconstructed shoulder and the scars that tell her story. Everything looked like it was healing well. She still has her arm in a sling and her leg in a boot, but all the tubes are gone. She made it though the first session of chemo without too much trouble, just the normal sick to the stomach feelings and fatigue. She had to go back on Wed. to have her levels checked and everything was fine. So now she will be home until the next round of chemo.
Gail told me a story that she wanted to share: this happened on the way back from Doernbecher last Wed. Gail and Lisa stopped by Washington Square for a little shopping on the way home. Lisa had been wanting to try some of the facial products call pro Active that they sell in a little booth in the mall. They found the booth and were discussing the purchase when Gail noticed a well dressed man in a wheelchair near by. She could see that he was approaching them so she turned to him. He asked if she was buying the face products for her daughter, and Gail answered “Yes.” He then reached out his hand and offered her a $100.00 bill. It took Gail off guard, but then she said “No, that’s okay, we can get it.” He insisted, and handed the money to them. That was more than enough to buy the products, but that was not the point. Who knows what the story is of the well dressed man in the wheelchair, but something must have touched his heart when he saw Lisa with her bald head in her wheelchair. For Lisa and Gail it was a reminder that God is taking care of them, a reminder of all the blessings that they have already received from so many people and a reminder when all of this is behind them to give back to someone else who is going through hard times. I think that is a good lesson for all of use no matter where we are in life.


  1. Wow, that is an amazing story! My eyes neary started watering when I read it.
    I am just so glad to hear that Lisa is doing well and the gentleman in the wheelchair just reminds me of God's enduring love for us.

  2. Thanks so much for that story it very much touched our hearts. We are so glad to hear that Lisa is doing better. And that is a nice lesson for all of us to "Pay it Forward". Sincerely, Julie, Breanna & Amanda Starr