Wednesday, May 6, 2009

message from Gail from a few days ago

Greetings to you all ,
Praise God for he is good .
Lisa started Chemo again last week we came home Friday night around 11:30 Lisa wanted to come home and enjoy her weekend !
She is doing pretty well just a little sick but still very weak from her surgery . Her scars are healing pretty well and she only complains about the one on her back which is 9 inches long it seems that a little fluid is building up where the muscle was removed and will be sore for some time .
The Doctor will see her on her next around of Chemo and will decide if her brace on her leg can come off. Lisa is a little worried because her big toe is still num and does not move the Dr told us that she might have to wear a toe brace because with her big toe num she can trip real easy and fall.
We are so thankfull for all of your prayers on Darci Too . Darci's surgery went well and she and the baby are doing well she is sore but is thankful that the surgery is over with and she can now enjoy her pregancy . Darci is now having morning sickness which is good news !
Thank you for all of your prayers and love


  1. WOW if reports like that don't bring sunshine nothin will....Bless all of you Lisa,you are incredible!

  2. Glad to hear Lisa is doing well. And also glad to hear that Darci and the baby are coming along well after her surgery to. Take care all of you and we will still keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Sincerely, Julie, Breanna and Amanda Starr