Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lets give a big “whoot whoot” and” Praise the Lord”! The doctors gave Lisa a very good report. The cancerous tumor that they took out of Lisa’s shoulder was 95% dead from the chemo. That is really amazing news. Gail had been hearing of other kids on that ward coming out of surgery and their cancer was only 30% to 60% dead. They feel very fortunate. During the surgery they cut out an area larger than the tumor, they test to see if there were any cancer cells in the margin area. That report came back that there were zero. There is also the issue of the cancer spots in her lungs. The doctors hope that because the other area were 95% dead that the spots in her lungs will also be 95% dead. They will perform a CT Scan in 2 months to take a look and evaluate what steps they will need to take.
Soooo this means: Lisa will be doing the 18 week chemo! They will start that today. Because of the surgery, this session will be a little lighter. They don’t want to make her too weak while her body is trying to heal. In 3 weeks she will have another session and that one will be more aggressive.
We are so happy for you Lisa!


  1. That's a BIG Whoot! Whoot! from us too! Our God is so Good! How we thank him for more answered prayers. Lisa...YOU ARE BLESSED! We are jumping up and down for all of you! Auntie Chris and Uncle Jim & Grandma Harder

  2. Lisa - great news! I've been tracking with you through Michelle's updates (plus I have a pink wrist band on my arm now) to keep my prayer for you focused. Keep up the good fight!
    In "His" grip (with you)

    Dale Labrum

  3. Uncle Gil & Carol & FamilyMay 6, 2009 at 6:03 AM

    Dear Lisa: You are in our thoughts and prayers every day, and we are so happy the Lord is answering our prayers in Jesus Name! We hope to see you this Sunday on Mother's Day when Granda LaVerda, Uncle Jim & Chris & Emily will be at our home along with most all of our family. Hope you are feeling strong enough to join us! It will be a "Whoot Hoot!" Love, Uncle Gil & Carol, Andy, Daniel, Angela, Sarah