Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lisa was able to come home last night! While she was in the hospital they spent many hours working with her each day doing physical therapy. While this was painful and exhausting, Lisa stuck with it and worked hard. After 2 sessions yesterday, that doctors decided she had made enough progress and was stable enough that she could continue the therapy at home. Gordon and Gail decided to take Lisa home to Grandma Willis's house for a little while so that Grandma could help with the therapy. The doctors showed both Gail and Grandma what needed to be done while at home.
Lisa is still on pretty heavy pain killers, as you can imagine. Gail described to me what Lisa was dealing with now. She has a scar from her knee to her ankle, a scar from her shoulder to her lower back and a scar from her shoulder to her elbow. I would say that pretty much covers close to every part of her body and I can hardly imagine how painful that would be.
They are waiting on the results of the pathology to see what the chemo did to the cancer. They should know that next week. It looked really hopeful to the doctors that the chemo had done it's job, which would mean that Lisa would get to have the milder chemo for the next 18 weeks instead of what she just finished with.
The family knows the fight is not over, but I think they have all had a collective sigh of relief to be past this hump. The doctors will still be watching the spots in Lisa's lungs and will probably determine what steps need to be taken toward those after the pathology reports come in.
We are just praying that everyday Lisa will get stronger and her body will heal. Hang in there Lisa!


  1. Wow...again! You are really a trooper Lisa! Home already??? Another answer to prayer! Your mom and grandma Willis will probably get their nurses certificates when this is over! :-) Keep hanging in there...sounds like the worst is over on this "Rugged Trail Ride"! Happy Trails to ya!
    I love you! Auntie Chris

  2. Lisa
    I was the substitute teacher for Mrs. Brockway in 3rd grade: Mrs. Geissler. I hope you remember me! I am also a friend and co-worker of Bev Ritchie and a good friend of Lisa Hughes! I wanted you to know another good friend of mine and I talked tonight and she said you are her patient at Dornbecher: Heidi Daniel. I've known Heidi since the 9th grade! So connections are a good thing. It means you are getting prayers and healing energy from people all over the place. I hope you get a chance to see this post! Take care,
    Linda Geissler

  3. Lisa! Hope you are doing fantastic! You continue to amaze with your strength and kindness. Love Nurse Naomi

  4. Hi Lisa, It was great to see you last night. Your hairdo is fabulous! You are in my thoughts and prayers. See you soon. Love Bev