Thursday, April 2, 2009

And the results are back...

On Wed. much of the family made the trip back to Doernbecher to find out the results of the MRI and the Cat Scan. Lisa is nearing the date of her surgery and the Dr.'s wanted to see what all the chemo had done to the cancer in her shoulder and lungs. There was a real fear that the cancer would have progressed so far that they would have to remove Lisa's whole arm.
BUT... the news was that the chemo had done what they were hoping. The tumor in her shoulder has shrunk and they will be able to reconstruct her shoulder during surgery. They will take bone from her leg and tissue from her side and back. The surgery will take about 8 or 9 hours and will be very extensive. They were told how difficult the surgery will be, but fact that Lisa keeps her arm makes it all seem like a piece of cake!
They also addressed the issue of the cancer spots in her lungs. It appears that some of them may have disappeared and the ones that are vi sable have not grown, so that is very good news. At this point they are going to keep an eye on the spots and deal with her shoulder.
About 6:00 pm on Wed. Lisa started the last session of chemo before she will have surgery on April 15th. After the surgery they will start them chemo right back up. But one thing that could make the difference is... if they get 90% of the cancer out during the surgery, they type of chemo that Lisa will have to have will be alot milder. That means that the side effects should be less severe.
So although this was such good news, Lisa still has some tough days ahead in which she will need out prayers and support. But right now she is feeling the relief of being able to keep her arm and is thanking God for answered prayers!

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