Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter to all of you! It is a good day.
Tomorrow around 8 am Lisa will enter surgery to remove the cancer from her shoulder. This is going to be a huge day for all. It will start around 4am so they can get to Doernbecher several hours before the surgery for all the pre op preparations. The surgery is expected to take 9 hours. The team of doctors will take a bone from the bottom half of Lisa's leg, muscles from her back and fatty tissue from her body and use all that to rebuild her shoulder after they remove the cancerous bone and tumor. So the recovery will not only be for her shoulder, it will be her leg and back. Pray for quick and full healing.
Last week was pretty quiet for Lisa, as we had hoped. If you recall, she left the hospital on Monday evening having not passed the "levels" test. Grandma had to take Lisa back up on Tue. to be tested again. At that time her levels of chemo were fine and she was officially released to go home. She did get about 5 sores in her mouth from this round and but healed pretty quickly. Being weak and a little sick to her stomach is just "normal" for Lisa these days so she stayed home and just tried to build her strength and stay well for the surgery on Mon.
I will keep you updated tomorrow as I hear from the family. Thanks again for all the prayers and support.


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