Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally Home

Lisa finally got to come around 8 pm on Mon. Bummer to miss such a pretty day waiting for the levels of chemo to go down inside you. That was a hard wait, and even though they tried, it was hard to keep their spirits up. They were finally released to come home and were glad to just get out of there. Gail was anxious to sleep in a real bed and needed to get back to work on Tue. but the doctors wanted Lisa to come back to Doernbecher on Tue. to check her levels again. Grandma took her up there and they were back in town around 4:00. I haven't heard the results, but they must have been ok, because she is home. (it was my daughters birthday, just wanted to add that, so I was haven't been able to check in).
Connor said that Lisa felt "just okay" so we are hoping that she will have a great week leading up to her surgery next Mon.
As I sit here and write, I look out my back window and see a bright red cross and the word "hope" both on the back neighbors porch and am reminded that we do have "hope for Harder" and we love you Lisa and are praying for you daily. So hopefully there will not be too much to report between now and Monday, but we can pray that Lisa will enjoy Easter and will feel peace for the upcoming surgery and recovery.


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  1. What an amazing surgery... and so thankful Lisa is so strong in her faith. You go girl:)!
    Tomorrow may you all feel the strength and closeness of our dear Lord.
    I loved the dancing photo of you Lisa. You are pretty just like your mom...I remember her back when she was the same age as you are now.
    You are covered in pray by so many...Hugs to you all.
    Linda (Dunn) Thomas