Monday, April 6, 2009

This was writen by the Harders yesterday from Doernbecher

Greetings from the hospital . We were hoping to go home today but Lisas counts are still to high.These past three weeks have been real hard on Lisa and the family but we can finally see the light with the mouth sores she has six right now to the Chemo that we now know is working and that our God is anwering our prayers . Lisa is trying so hard not to worry about this HUGE surgery in case you did not hear she is keeping her arm BUT the surgery that the Dr's are going to do is remove the bone in her leg between her ankle and knee and removing some muscle and tissue in her back and get a new shoulder joint basically removing her shoulder and joint and making her a new one ! If all goes well the surgery will last 7 hrs but could go to 9 hrs . Lisa will have to wear a brace on her leg for awhile becasue she will not have feeling in her leg as the Dr says will be sleeping for quite some time. And a tube in her back so infection does not set in .The Doctor has moved Lisa's surgery date to Monday April 13th .Lisa wanted me to tell everyone that she is so thankful for all of the prayers and support and that she misses everyone .Take care Lisa , Gail and Grandma Nevada

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