Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tomorrow will be a big day for Lisa. After having several weeks off of chemo, the whole process will start all over again. On Wed. they will head back up to Doernbecher to first meet with the doctors to hear the results of the pathology and then to start a new session of chemo. The results of the pathology will determine the course of the chemo that Lisa will have to have. The doctor had mentioned when the surgery was over that everything looked really good and the tumor appeared to be dead. If that truly is the case then the chemo that Lisa will be a administered will be much less harsh and will follow a much shorter schedule.
Lisa has been doing really well in her recovery. Her appetite has been good and the physical therapy has progressed really well. She is strong going into chemo, so that will be a big advantage for her.
Pray that the cancer is completely dead and that it was all removed during surgery. Pray for lighter chemo and that Lisa will keep her strength up. Here we go again…..

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